Thursday, August 18, 2011

Daily Surf Report - 8/18/2011

Good morning,

Well, if you were banished inland like myself yesterday, and heard all the hoopla of so and so going to this and that spot, and playful south swell in the water, maybe you feel cursed by Neptune or Posieden on which ever sea god you prescribe to at this point in your life.
But I digress...
Today, by the good graces of our beloved oceanic storm systems, some swell still remains, and there are waves breaking away in somewhat glassy conditions and a slight onshore hint of breeze. The tide is low and incoming, but should improve throughout the day, maybe we will even see some sunshine out here, but Icarus don't fly too close to the sun and wear your sunscreen. Our current air temp is 55*F and it is overcast and misty.

Channel: About 8 surfers out at this time and there are waves reeling along the groin bar, lefts, in the knee to occasionally chest high range.

Patch: the cookie crumbles and the waves in this zone are in the knee to, maybe waist if you're praying on your board or doing the downward dog. Low tide and should improve later with the push, currently one surfer out at this time.

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Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.

Low: 8:36 am 1.6'
High: 3:12 pm 5.5'
Low: 9:30 pm 1.5'

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