Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Daily Surf Report - 08/03/2011

Update: 2:24 pm ~ It is warm and sunny, and the winds are friendly!
I am hearing that the channel is quite fun right now
Come on out, the rest of the afternoon should be quite nice : )
Bo could get betta, but for now, it is 55 deg and onshore winds, with overcast conditions. This morning sickness very well might blow over,then clear and turn off-shore in a few hours... when the sun burns through and turns the winds into the prevailing direction. There actually is some small groundswell lines showing through the chop though...

Channel: Low tide conditions with long textured little lefts showing, if the winds mellow out like I think they will, this spot could get fun with the incoming tide, currently there are a few heads in the water hoping for the best as well.

Patch: Low tide conditions, with lots of exposed rocks, maybe a little wave on the outside, but not real consistent yet. Could be longboardable later in the day with more tide and less wind. At the moment~ not so much.

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Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.

Low: 8:23 am 0.3'
High: 3:23 pm 6.1'
Low: 9:17 pm 1.1'

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