Saturday, February 16, 2013

Daily Surf Report - 2/16/2013

Yesterday was official Phil Collins Day in NYC. We'll rock it in the shop today!

A Bo-beautiful morning greets us again today. Blue skies and full sun. Light, warm, NE winds warming it up. Current temp of 58F with 70s expected into the weekend. Lots of beach and calm tide swings make access easy. Bring the sunscreen, shovel and pail and don't forget a board either to get some surf.
New pulses of surf from the small but long period NW swell. NOT epic or firing or tubing but fun, small, rideable surf that puts a smile on your face. Ask Kiernan M. who came out with low expectations and caught wave after wave after wave - all the way to the beach. We have small surf but a nice day to be at the beach and perfect for beginners right now.

Channel: Low tide conditions and not showing swell too well at this time. Glistening micro barrels in the knee high size. Groin wall and lots of beach are exposed. Glassy and beautiful day. Waves are intermittent now as swell needs more water to show better. Seadrift has a few peaks worth looking at but empty lineup now. Tide is filling in and more water and time may make this spot worth a look later in the day. It is a fine beach day.

PATCH: Outside waves in the thigh to waist high size but may be best handled on a SUP. There are 6 out there now and paddle power seems to be the key out there. Middle section on the sandy side of the inner bulkhead rocks delivering waves to ride for surfers in the knee / thigh + size. The inside is a boiling cauldron of submerged rocks and kelp so navigation is necessary. Your feet, fin or board may encounter a hard object if you are not aware. Lot of sand and exposed rocks now. Waves come in bunches after a while and long rides are there for the taking. Fun stuff and worth a dip.

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PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 3:28 am 5.6'

LOW: 10:15 am 1.2'

HIGH: 4:55 pm 3.9'

LOW: 9:48 pm 2.5'

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