Thursday, March 8, 2012

Daily Surf Report - 3/8/2012

Fat moon and 40F.
Sunny, cold and clear with big full moon today.
Winds are light to nil. Surf is relatively lake-ish with an occasional Channel roller coming through. Eastern Gulf swell on the horizon but still a few days away.

Channel: 2 surfers out with smooth / flat conditions. Occasional knee to thigh high wave roll through on the bar. Sunny and beautiful but not lots
of surfing action.

Patch: Nothing at the moment. Great for SUP touring or kayaks.

Say "Hello" to my little friend.
Meet the Mini Simmons. The board is a revelation to ride. They are loose, oh so skatey and the fastest board you’ll feel under your feet - period. Catches everything and rips. Displacement hull to a double-concave with quad fins from Futures to provide extra hold. Designed so that even the heaviest of riders can go tiny in size. These boards are ridden ridiculously small. We stock from 5.6 up to 6.0' Come check them out and take your surfing to a new level.

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


Low: 4:58 am 0.8'
High: 11:20 am 5.9'
Low: 5:15 pm 0.2'

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