Sunday, November 13, 2011

Daily Surf Report - 11/13/2011

Good Morning,

Another calm morning here. Winds very slight and variable. Sun is out.
Current temp is 52 degrees. Looks to be a beautiful beach day.
Some surf rolling in, nothing great, but looks fun and a great day for beginners. The tide is rising until 12 pm so bring a long board as the waves are soft.

Channel: Thigh high waves breaking, pretty cleanly, in the channel and on the seadrift side. Soft, due to the higher tide but definitly rideable.
Should improve with a little less water later this afternoon.
About 6 people out.

Patch: Currently flat.

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Low: 6:01 am 3.1'
High: 12:01 pm 5.8'
Low: 6:54 pm -0.4'

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