Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Daily Surf Report - 1/2/2013

Happy New Year kids! It's another sunny day here at the beach and that is ALWAYS a great way to start the year, yes? It's a coolish 48 degrees in the air and slightly warmer in the ocean. The little bit of swell we had is dwindling at the moment and the side-shore wind isn't really helping matters, either. If one looks out at Duxbury Reef you can see that the slabs that were once pile driving it for the past few days has now cooled it's jets quite a bit. Still, with the tide change and such there is always hope for later. Check back here later today for an update--if no update appears that would indicate that the conditions are either the same OR worse.

ALSO: Be mindful when traversing the West Marin environs by vehicle this time of year. The nights-into-early-mornings have reached freezing tempatures and there are still small patches of ice on the road as the sun is low in the sky and the PCH (Highway 1) is a bit hilly so sunshine doesn't always hit every spot. Drive slowly and with caution.

CHANNEL: That pesky tide is making the Channel look a bit like the Patch on a mushy day. Waist high close outs and section-y undulations on the middle bar and occasionally the Groin Pole. A couple of longboards waaaaaay over at Sea Drift finding an occasional corner that eventually turns into a white water rapid. Perhaps later in the day with the tide change it could look better than the current crappy motel painting that it is right now.

PATCH: Slower than Forest Gump processing a thought. There are some lines coming through that are somewhere in the neighborhood of waist high but not all of them fact, hardly any of them are peeling. Outside of the Rock/Meeting Rock/Bulk Head are lines, middle of the Patch and inside (with the snarling, ding inducing rocks)there are lines BUT not a lot of gliders. Patients is what will work today. Four (4) intrepid wishful thinkers out there (1) longboard and three (3) custodians buffing the floors for school on Monday.

PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW: 8:30 am 2.5'

HIGH: 2:13 pm 4.8'

HLOW: 8:30 pm 0.6'

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