Thursday, January 10, 2013

Daily Surf Report - 1/10/2013

Goodmorning surfers! It's 34F in the shade and 41F in the sun - love it. Clear and sunny skies as well. Winter morning at its finest. King tides again today with extreme morning highs and negative low lows in the afternoon. Please have an entrance and exit strategy when heading out to surf as the boat ramp, seawall and rocks will not treat you or your board kindly if you get smashed up against them. Still have some swell in the water but timing will be critical as to how much water makes things work best.

Be careful when driving the West Marin environs this time of year. Black ice is prevalent and there are still small patches of ice on the road as the sun is low in the sky and it takes a while to thaw out. Drive slowly and with caution.

CHANNEL: Channel rights and Mali-Bo waves working and groomed up by light offshore winds. Size is waist to chest-ish. Should be even better with outgoing tide but is working now with lots of water. Watch out for rip heading towards Stinson as tide drops almost 9 feet today.

PATCH: High tide is no bueno right now. Flat for surfing but nice for the SUPs or kayak touring at the moment. All rocks covered up and the day is clear and beautiful. Tide change throughout the day should turn this spot on in the later morning to early afternoon.

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HIGH: 9:35 am 7.1'

LOW: 4:22 pm -1.4'

HIGH: 11:32 pm 5.2'

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