Monday, November 19, 2012

Daily Surf Report - 11/19/2012

Happy Thanksgiving week to all of you with aqua marine dreams and liquid salt realities. It is currently 58 degrees with the sun peeking over the saw-tooth hills but there is a thick blanket of doom & gloom grey that is peering this way, oh-so-menacingly. Sea-sick conditions out here with a heavy on-shore wind and lot's of texture. No real clean waves but that doesn't seem to be stopping anyone. Plenty of wishful thinkers in the drink but two fly fishermen have the right idea.

CHANNEL: Drunk and disorderly is what's happening here this morning. Stiff on-shore wind pushing what could be... D-O-W-N. Below waist high crumble-bums with the law firm of Wind, Chop & Texture sueing any clean waves that dare to come through. A few clients trying to make a go of it... whatever 'it' is?

PATCH: Knee to thigh high grunters which are about as sober as your prom date are puking all over the Patch. This on-shore is mixing up a cocktail that doesn't look too promising, yet several folks are going out anyway. Big boards and lots of Dramamine is recomended.

Just a reminder to pack your trash!!!
PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach.


LOW: 9:52 am 2.7'

HIGH: 3:33 pm 5.2'

LOW: 10:05 pm 0.0'

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