Saturday, January 16, 2010

Daily Surf Report - 1/16/2010

52 degrees. Sunny skies with mild temps. Puffs of S wind but still a nice day today with weather coming and possible rain on Sunday.

Surf has come up but is a little lumpy with a combo of NW swell and wind swell producing surf in the shoulder high range with occasional head high sets. Ocean surface is a little wind blown with sideshore wind. Waves coming in at the Groin / Channel and across on the Seadrift side. Rights and lefts with pieces of surf all over. You can ride a fish or shortboard as there is enough push in the water. Patch is not happening today.

Low: 5:41 am 2.8 ft.
High: 11:32 am 5.9 ft.
Low: 6:13 pm -0.2 ft.

TODAY - Saturday, Jan. 16th. (rain or shine) 10 am to 3 pm. There will be an electronic recycling event to benefit Stinson Beach Preschool. You can drop off any broken/outdated electronic at the Bolinas or Stinson Beach School--free of charge. TVs, computers, cell phones, stereos, cameras, car batteries to name a few. (No appliances please.) More information/questions 415-233-0998 or email