Friday, January 15, 2010

Daily Surf Report - 1/15/2010

52 degrees. Sunny skies with mild temps. No wind and looks to be a nice day today and for the next few days until possible rain on Sunday.

Surf has cleaned up but the swell has dropped producing surf in the chest high range with occasional shoulder high sets. Ocean surface is smooth and there are waves coming in mostly at the Channel and across on the Seadrift side. Mostly rights due to the W in the swell but a few lefts show up. You can still ride a fish or hybrid as there is enough push to get a shorter board moving. Patch looks smaller with a few people on the inside. Should be some surf for the next day or so with a new front on the way this weekend.

High: 10:56 am 6.1 ft.
Low: 5:43 pm -0.4 ft.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, Jan. 16th. (rain or shine) 10 am to 3 pm. There will be an electronic recycling event to benefit Stinson Beach Preschool. You can drop off any broken/outdated electronic at the Bolinas or Stinson Beach School--free of charge. TVs, computers, cell phones, stereos, cameras, car batteries to name a few. (No appliances please.) More information/questions 415-233-0998 or email