Sunday, March 28, 2010

Daily Surf Report - 3/28/2010

Sunny skies with a little patchy clouds that is burning off with lots blue showing through. Mild temps and nice weather expected to continue for the next few days. Stop waiting around and come out to the beach.

A few swell lines on the horizon producing surf in the thigh to waist high range. Surf at the Patch is ride-able on a longboard and there are rights breaking out there. Surf at the Groin / Channel is ride-able on a longboard or something shorter like a fish and has some nice rights breaking into the Channel. Water is smooth with no wind on it.

Come by to rent if you need gear. Check out the last of our fall inventory of rental suits and boards which are for sale at low prices.

Just brought back 25 new boards so come by the shop to check the latest inventory.

Low - 4:39 am 0.7'
High - 10:59 pm 5.8'
Low - 4:54 pm 0.1'